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Senior Play – Radium Girls

Katie Sullivan (Performing Arts Teacher)

In Week 1, Kolbe’s Stage 7 witnessed an awe-inspiring performance by our talented senior drama students, who brought the gripping tale of “Radium Girls” to life. The play, based on a true story, shed light on the remarkable courage and resilience of women who fought for justice in the early 20th century. The production not only captivated the audience but also served as a powerful reminder of the impact art and storytelling can have on society’s awareness of critical social issues.

“Radium Girls” delves into the lives of female factory workers employed to paint watch dials with radium-based paint. The play hauntingly portrayed the harrowing consequences of working with this radioactive element, emphasising the struggles faced by these women in their pursuit of workers’ rights and justice.

The journey to this awe-inspiring performance started at the beginning of Term 1 when the students embarked on their tireless rehearsals. Their dedication to delivering a flawless and emotionally charged performance was evident throughout the show. Mastering dialogues and perfecting character portrayals, the students poured their hearts and souls into ensuring an unforgettable theatrical experience for the audience.

“I never thought I could be a part of something so amazing. This experience not only allowed me to make new friends but also presented a personal challenge that I am proud to have overcome,” expressed Summer, one of the students involved in the production.

Backstage jitters are a common occurrence among performers, but as Year 11 Student Daniel explained, “When you’re backstage, you get this feeling of butterflies in your stomach. However, when you get on stage and perform, the feeling goes away, and you feel like you’re flying.”

Apart from the outstanding performances on stage, the camaraderie among the cast and crew was palpable. Students Summer and Isidora emphasised the strong sense of community that permeated the entire production. It was this sense of togetherness that contributed to the overall success of the show.

The attention to detail in the production was remarkable, transporting the audience back to the 1920s with impressive sets and period-accurate costumes. This commitment to historical accuracy, coupled with the students’ exceptional performances, created an immersive experience that left a lasting impact on the audience.

“Radium Girls” serves as a poignant reminder that the past can teach us valuable lessons about the present and the future. The students’ portrayal of this powerful story not only entertained but also sparked conversations about the importance of workers’ rights and social justice.

Our senior drama students have truly set an example of how art can be a catalyst for change. Their performance of ‘Radium Girls’ was nothing short of exceptional, and we are incredibly proud of them. We would like to thank our senior students and the Performing Arts Department for the months of tireless rehearsals and congratulate them on their flawless rendition of Radium Girls.

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