The motto, Courage, Faith, Excellence

is an inspiration and encouragement to our young people and provides a fitting platform for a life of Christian service and vocation.

The circles on the emblem are a symbol of life and eternity, a reminder to each of us of our call to continuous growth and eternal life as a person in union with God and our neighbours.

The cross is a symbol of Jesus Christ, a powerful reminder of the extent of God’s loving action and presence in our lives, and a symbol of our faith as followers of Christ.

The vertical bars within the circle are reminders of the prison of Auschwitz where St Maximilian Kolbe died. They evoke the horrors of that time and a challenge to us to become people who are aware, concerned and willing to do something about the injustices of our own time, whether they be such issues as hunger, poverty, oppression, or damage to the environment.

The white crown is a symbol of purity and integrity, a reminder to each of our unique dignity as a person created in the image and likeness of God, and our call to a loving relationship with God and each other.

The red crown is a symbol of martyrdom, representative of one who is prepared to pay the price of living according to one’s convictions, of one who is willing to live a life of integrity for the greater glory of God and service of humanity. It is a reminder to make real efforts of love and concern on behalf of others.


A person of courage is brave, fearless, bold, prepared to face difficulties and pay the price of living one’s convictions. To face life with generosity, a willingness and open heartedness, to have trust even when things look bleak.


Faith is about belief, relationships and action. It is not simply belief in truths or teachings, but is about the values, which are the focus of our lives. Faith is a relationship with God who engages our whole person, our personal response to the mystery of God present in our human experience. Faith is expressed as a way of living, behaving and engagement with our world.


Excellence calls us to the full development of every dimension of the person, linked to the development of a sense of Christian values and commitment to the service of others, giving priority to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged and a willingness to work with others for the good of all in the service and promotion of the reign of God in our time.