We are a co-educational secondary College situated within the Rockingham educational precinct bordering Murdoch University and Challenger Institute of Technology. Since its inception, Kolbe has grown to become a thriving community with an enrolment of over 1,100 students from Years 7 to 12. We are blessed to have beautiful grounds that serve as a backdrop for all that happens on our campus. When wandering around at lunchtime, you could be mistaken in thinking that you are sharing a picnic lunch with the more than 1,000 students who are at home in the lovely setting!

Our motto of Courage, Faith, Excellence was inspired by our patron, St Maximilian Kolbe, and challenges students to capitalise on their many gifts. They are assisted in this endeavour through a rich and diverse array of learning opportunities offered inside and outside of the classroom. It is our dedicated staff and teachers who create and support these wonderful learning opportunities.

We share a strong partnership with our four surrounding parishes, and it is with the support of our parish priests that we are able to celebrate Mass with our community most days. It is through the celebration of Mass, and other faith-filled experiences, that we encourage our students to develop a closer relationship with Christ and become more involved in the life of their parish communities.

A ‘never-give-up’ approach permeates the culture of our College. This we observe in our Christian Service Learning Program, known as KolbeCare, where students are encouraged and challenged to provide support for others and care for creation. We also call for students to have the courage to display leadership. Through our comprehensive peer mentoring program, as part of the student ministry team or as a member of the Student Council, our leaders are called to help shape our community into one where individual differences are acknowledged and celebrated.

An understanding of diversity in relation to student learning is a key strength of our teaching and learning program. Our goal is to prepare students for the world of the future and, hence, we embody a strong focus on digital learning with a 1:1 mobile learning program across all year levels. Through the power of laptops and iPads, students are encouraged, with the support of their teachers, to extend learning beyond the classroom by connecting to the real world and authentic audiences often.

In the senior years, students are fortunate to access pathways that prepare them for both further education and the workplace. Those students wishing to achieve university entrance choose from an extensive educational program, and are supported and encouraged to aspire for academic excellence. Students seeking excellence in this pathway are invited to be part of the College’s Prometheus program, a peer tutoring program held after school that accesses specialists across the different academic domains.

On the Vocational Education and Training front, students are offered workplace-learning opportunities; school based apprenticeships as well as access to VetfS courses offered by State Training providers. Many students who choose this pathway gain direct entry to State Training providers because of the certificates gained during their schooling. Our College is fortunate to have excellent connections with the wider community and our students are often extended apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities.

To provide balance, Kolbe’s impressive extra-curricular program ensures each student finds his or her own niche. Whether it is through the comprehensive arts program, the extensive sporting program or membership to a club, our students are offered a rich array of activities. Involvement in such activities enables students to become confident in their abilities and make the most of their God-given talents.

There is no doubt that Kolbe students feel that they belong to a community that strives to take care of each other, challenge each other and celebrate each other every day.

I invite you to learn more of our community by exploring our website.
Ms Robyn Miller