90pt2redsealThe college’s first assembly for 2017 was held in honour of Year 12 students who attained an ATAR above 90.

Twenty students from the Graduating Class of 2016 accomplished this this outstanding achievement, the most ever in the history of the college. As part of proceedings students were presented with a congratulatory certificate from the principal, and were formally acknowledged by all in attendance.

Two students representing the group, Courtney Proposch  and Zac Brockwell, were invited to share some wise words of guidance to those assembled.  Give time to study, be organised, seek support and avoid Facebook were some of the pearls of wisdom given to current students.

At the conclusion of the assembly, the former students were applauded in acknowledgement as they left the Sports Hall.

Morning tea was shared with students so staff could learn more about their future pursuits – medicine, engineering, psychology, speech therapy, philosophy, and teaching were a few mentioned.


Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2016.  We are most proud of you.