Following her graduation from Kolbe Catholic College in 1997, Sheri Gabriel attended Curtin University and studied a Bachelor of Science.

This degree saw her become a Medical Imaging Technologist (Radiographer) and she went on to work at Rockingham Hospital and Royal Perth Hospital.

Sheri’s career has seen her take general, trauma and theatre x-rays, along with CT scans (Computed Tomography).

She said that she worked here until the travel bug hit her!

“I travelled to London and worked as a radiographer there before I moved back to South Africa.

“I have been in South Africa for over ten years now which is where I was born, but I grew up in Perth.”

Her work in South Africa sees her work exclusively within the catheterisation laboratory which involves diagnostic imaging equipment used to visualise the arteries and chambers of the heart and artieries and treat any stenosis or abnormality found.

“Most people see me on their worse day, during or shortly after having a heart attack.

“I help the cardiologist (doctor) unblock the heart arteries to restore blood flow to the patient.

“This is done by passing tiny catheters through a main artery either in the arm of leg and up into the heart itself.

“As a radiographer I use x-rays and x-ray dye to guide the doctor into position and then differ the angle to see the blockage.”

Sheri said the career is hugely satisfying and she has the opportunity to work no matter her location.

She thanks Kolbe for the push into a medical career, with the Year 10 work experience at the College giving her the opportunity to spend some time at Fremantle Hospital.

“I found the work and characters within the x-ray department to be fascinating, hard-working and yet a relaxed and fun group.

“Since I’ve now worked in the industry, I can confirm these traits are true no matter the department.

“I think a little crazy is needed to work with blood and guts and people at their worse everyday . . . Greys Anatomy has nothing on some trauma departments!