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ACC Athletics Win

Melissa Dredge – Sports Coordinator

In an electrifying display of talent, dedication and teamwork, the Kolbe Athletics Team has emerged victorious for the second year in a row at the highly esteemed ACC Athletics Carnival. This remarkable achievement is a resounding testament to the unwavering spirit and relentless hard work of everyone involved in the athletic program.

“It was our first time going to the ACC Carnival, and it was an amazing and unforgettable opportunity – everyone participating in events, enjoying themselves and showing great sportsmanship, made us feel so grateful to be a part of this community. We are so proud of all those who showed up and helped bring home the 2023 shield.” Sabatini and Amelia – Year 10

The backbone of this success, however, lies with our exceptional student athletes. Their unwavering commitment, resilience and burning desire to excel paid off in spectacular fashion. Multiple students secured top five positions in their respective age and gender categories, exemplifying true sportsmanship and excellence, bringing immense honour to our school.

Let us applaud those students who selflessly stepped up to fill gaps left by injured or fatigued teammates, highlighting the strong sense of team work within the athletes from our College.

Congratulations to the following athletes who achieved individual champions for their age groups;

  • Oliver, Noah & Daisy – Year 7
  • Sienna, Ilana & Saxon – Year 8
  • Filipa & Zayde – Year 9
  • Evie & Xavier – Year 10
  • Euan – Year 11

“The ACC athletics carnival was a great day where everyone motivated each other to do their best in every event. It was awesome to see Kolbe end up winning, and I’m so excited to hopefully compete again next year.” Zayde – Year 9

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our devoted staff members, the unsung heroes behind the scenes. They tirelessly managed schedules, and ensured our athletes arrived at their events promptly. Their commitment to excellence did not go unnoticed and was instrumental in our triumph.

Moreover, we must commend the courage and determination of those who competed in higher age groups, often two years above their own. Their decision showcased not only their athletic prowess but also their unwavering dedication to the Kolbe Athletics Team.

As we celebrate this victory, let’s also celebrate the incredible individuals who made it possible. Congratulations to the Kolbe Athletics Team on this extraordinary achievement!

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