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Book Week – Read, Grow, Inspire!

Stephanie Griffiths (Head of Learning Excellence & Engagement)

The theme for the 2023 National Children’s Book Week was Read, Grow, Inspire! What a great theme and what an excellent week we all had celebrating literacy and reading.

“2023 Book Week has been such a highlight! The events and displays have been so exciting and engaging and it’s been great to see so many students get involved!” – Nigella, Technology & Learning Captain

The Walsh Learning Centre was beautifully decorated with an Alice in Wonderland theme and a story walk QR quiz engaged students throughout the week. Lunchtime activities such as pot plant designing, succulent planting, bookmark decorating and a ‘bunny hunt’ got everyone involved and excited!

“Book Week 2023 has been a core memory for my last year of high school. The staff are so friendly and vibrant and they always go above and beyond to prepare for this event to make it enjoyable for all students.” – Nadia, Year 12

Year 11 General English classes participated in art workshops with graphic novelist Justin Randall, really getting their creative ideas flowing. The Year 7 cohort got to work with author Erica Bentel who engaged students with her word games book. Both of our guests noted what a great time they had with our students too, which is always lovely to hear!

The big dress up day on Friday was once again a huge success with the grand parade and face painting happening on The Avenue at lunchtime. Staff and students got involved and four lucky winners took home movie ticket vouchers for their efforts. It was a hard choice with so many excellent costumes! While we are all recovering from such a busy week, we look forward to Book Week in 2024.

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