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Bush Rangers Camp

Kolbe’s Bush Rangers

Last week, Kolbe’s ‘Bushies’ embarked on a great adventure to Bickley Valley for their action-packed Bush Rangers Camp and everyone had a fantastic time.

“The Kolbe Bush Rangers are an after school club that meet every week to learn about environmental sustainability and volunteer around Rockingham on practical conservation initiatives. On Monday February 26th the Kolbe Bush Rangers traveled to Bickley Valley for their Semester 1 camp. We started with a night walk to spot wildlife on Monday evening and found insects, kangaroos, a snake, and a scorpion. The next two days were jam-packed full of activities.” – Mrs Lea, Bush Rangers Coordinator

“On the second day of the camp we were split into 2 groups and we did 3 activities, the first activity my group did was the search and rescue. The search and rescue was split into 2 sections and we went into the bush across the road to search for artifacts, the camp instructors were “kidnappers” . If we were too far away from our group they’d take us. The second activity my group did was raft building, we built a raft using wooden planks, plastic barrels and rope and we did a couple competitions on the rafts. The last activity we did was crate climb. We had different heights you could go on depending on your comfort zone. I found this activity very fun as it got us out of our comfort zones and made us use teamwork.” – Aiden, Year 9 Bush Ranger

“On the night of our second day, we were blessed to be able to visit the Perth observatory for a night tour. We first got to have a look in the highly informative museum and its exhibits that taught us all there is to know about the basics of astronomy, from seeing real examples of meteorites to images of real space constructions we learnt so much about our galaxy. Then as the night progressed, we went on a tour of the night sky and saw many magnificent sections of the Milky Way, stunning stars, supernovas and much more through the eyes of impeccable telescopes.” – Lauren, Year 9 Bush Ranger

On the last day of our camp, the Bush rangers headed over to Kanyana wildlife park. When we arrived, we had a quick snack and went inside to watch a short introduction to the wildlife park, and we got to see some of the animals that they house there. Afterwards, we got into smaller groups and went on a tour of the property. We got to see things like the hospital they have, the reptile house and all the other places they keep the animals, like the birds. After the tour was done, we had a quick lunch outside. Then we went back out in our groups to volunteer. We swept all the leaves off the road and paths, and made little billy treats with a toilet roll, edible glue made from water and flour, and seeds. When everything was finished, we all said goodbye and thank you and headed back to Kolbe. We all had such a great time helping at Kanyana and seeing the wildlife they have there, and I’m sure our help was deeply appreciated!  – Jasmine, Year 9 Bush Ranger 

Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or a newbie nature enthusiast, the Bushies are here to make every week wild and wonderful! If you are ready to unleash your inner explorer, join Kolbe’s Bush Rangers and make some amazing memories. Adventure awaits!

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