AN17.4.1With the theme of, ‘Many Singing With One Heart’, Tuesday, December 5 saw Kolbe Catholic College hold its annual Awards Night at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

The night saw families and staff gather to watch the award winners, along with the spectacle put on by the performing arts students.

The theme translates in the words of the traditional custodians of our land to, “Boola Warangka Keny Koort”, which Vice Principal Ms Giovanna Fiume said encapsulates the Kolbe community and was most fitting for the night’s theme.

The College’s Student Executive focused on the idea of a woven tapestry and how each different thread, colour and pattern symbolises each individual student and staff member.


They emphasised how each member of the community is unique, but when woven together, tell a story that creates something special.

Principal Ms Robyn Miller said the night was an amazing reflection of all the incredible things that happen at Kolbe.

We congratulate all of the night’s award winners and performers on everything they have achieved in 2017.