IMG_4169Tuesday saw the Year 12 Drama students perform their original solo performances. These are self-devised pieces which they had to write, direct and design and will be part of their exams.

Drama and Production Coordinator Mrs Sherie Chant said the student performances were both entertaining and humorous.
“It was a wonderful opportunity to see the hard work that goes on in the classroom by the drama students.”
Some of the students explained the meaning behind their pieces.
Austin Williams: “Two soldiers in Verdun make a world-shattering discovery about their place in the universe.”

Daniel Deacon: “My OSP is about how awards shows, like the Oscars, are all the same… To award those who don’t deserve it and cause unnecessary Drama.”
Olivea Zarifis: “A young woman named Isadora Walkins goes on a love game show called ‘Oh Jee, Marry Me!’ as a last resort to find love.”