Kolbe Catholic College’s annual Middle School Drama Showcase was held on Thursday November 9, with the theme ‘Ambiente’, which means environment.

The night featured scripted comedy based on stereotypes from Year 8 students,┬ápopular 18th century European comedy style ‘Commedia Dell’arte’ from the Year 9 students, environmental documentary style pieces from the Year 10 students, along with the Kolbe Theatre Company who challenged themselves performing a monologue or duologue.

Year 10 student Gabrielle Williams featured in a performance which focused on what could happen if global warming and climate change isn’t prevented.

“It was a powerful piece where we worked together as a class.

“Everybody was allocated lines and some people were trees.

“The trees would react to the lines people said, so if someone spoke about destruction, then the tree started┬áto die.”

Year 9 student Bailey Wiggers was part of a performance which was an unprepared news report.

“I was the newsroom director and I would tell people to do things, but I wouldn’t do it myself.

“I would promote recycling amongst others but then I wouldn’t recycle.”

Bailey said they were trying to promote the importance of recycling through the use of comedy and over the top characters.

“We tried to take the seriousness away but still deliver an important message.”

She said what she loves most about drama is the opportunity to be a completely different person.

“You get to live the life of someone else on stage, even if it is for only a few minutes.”

Mrs Sherie Chant said all students should feel very proud of their efforts.

“Congratulations to the performing arts students who have worked very hard to put their performances together.

“Thank you to all the staff who have supported this event behind the scenes; Ms Pia Nidd, Miss Stacey Hollings, Mrs Karen Jay, Mrs Katie Sullivan, Mrs Karen Park, Mrs Leanne Joyce, Mr Kyohhei Futaki, Mrs Roxana Davies, Mrs Maria Bellini and Ms Kylie Thorn.

“Without your help Drama Night would not be possible.”

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