What is that old saying about how you should never work with children or animals?!

Monday September 11 saw Kolbe Catholic College go against this with two different subject areas having animals in their classrooms.

Year 11 and 12 Biology students had a visit from Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre who spoke to them about endangered species and adaptions.

Students got up close with a very friendly Red Tailed Cockatoo called Henry, an Echidna, Woylie, Blue tongued lizards, Tawny frog mouths, and pythons.

The students were lucky enough to witness the feeding of the Tawny Frog Mouths and the gracious way in which the Red Tailed Cockatoo cracks open a gumnut.
Year 9 Visual Art students are currently studying still life drawing and spent yesterday’s lesson sketching a crab, squid or fish.
The sketches will be turned into expressive ink artwork where students will learn the fundamentals of drawing objects in proportion, along with becoming aware of textures, shadows and colours not possible in photographs.

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