As of next week Year 11 and 12 students embark on their Semester exams, which are leaving many stressed out.

For Year 12 ATAR students this is the first of many in the lead-up to their WACE exams.

Kolbe Catholic College graduates have provided their tips to exam success for the current Senior School students.

Beth Mews graduated in 2015 and is currently studying Public Relations and Management at Curtin University.

She said it is important not to create distractions for yourself.

“Try avoiding finding yourself a new TV series to binge watch during exam period.”

Jake Stirling also graduated in 2015 and is currently at the University of Western Australia studying Physics and Mathematics & Statistics.

He said the key to exam success is to work to understand the overall idea.

“Instead of stressing and focusing on remembering things exactly, work to deeply understand the concepts.”

2015 graduate Jade Lomas currently studies Journalism at Murdoch University.

She said everyone must remember that exams are not the be all and end all.

“Don’t let the stress of doing well hinder your ability to perform during exam time.”

Peter Clark graduated from the College last year and is currently working as an export coordinator for a grain packing company.

He said being organised leading up to the exam will help get good results.

14915---Study-Survivor-Series-FINAL“Don’t leave study until the last minute.”

Alana Steegstra is currently studying Pharmacy at Curtin University after graduating from the College last year.

She also said being organised with lists and deadlines helps getting through times when there are lots of upcoming tests and assessments.

“Prioritise your time and make a visual list or calendar of the things you need to get done, crossing them off as you go. This ensures nothing is forgotten or done the night before.”

Jeremy Tucker, a former Kolbe student now working at Headspace Rockingham, supplied this helpful page from the youth mental health organisation full of tips to beat any exam stress.

This page includes tips including: having a comfortable study space, looking after yourself through healthy eating and exercise and resting when you need to with regular study breaks.

The City of Rockingham and Headspace have also teamed up to offer a Study Survivor Series.


This program is designed for students from Years 10 to 12 and has sessions starting from Monday May 15 and running through until Friday June 9 2017.