Blake 3

blake edgellThis week, Year 9 student Blake Edgell was invited to attend and represent Kolbe Catholic College at a TeachMeet held at SciTech.

The purpose of the event was for teachers to find new ways of making lessons more fun, engaging and entertaining for students, with Blake presenting his own thoughts.

“My presentation looked at providing teachers with different methods on how to achieve this.”

Blake spoke a bit about a game he created called ‘Eras of War’, which was a big learning curve for him.

One of the biggest challenges he faced leading up to his presentation was his confidence.

“It was pretty scary, my legs were shaking,” he said.

Blake said he thinks reading off paper for a presentation is boring, so he didn’t.

“I thought it was better to sound enthusiastic and show I enjoy talking about the subject without using paper, as it would distract my contact with the audience.”

Blake completed his informative presentation to an audience much older to him, and received many compliments where he was told he displayed huge confidence and maturity.