IMG_7367Wednesday June 21 saw Kolbe Catholic College welcome Moses and Mary from Flores to address students, parents and staff about their upcoming immersion experience in 2018.

Moses Jalawatu looks after the students and staff who attend the Flores immersion experience and Mary is the principal of the school in Nio which Kolbe has helped fund the building of.

After a tour of the school, Moses and Mary accompanied an information evening for the ten students who are going to Flores in 2018.

This information evening was followed by a dinner catered by Tracey Edgell’s Hospitality class, where former students who went to Flores in 2015 and 2016 were accompanied by their parents and got to catch-up with Moses and Mary.

Moses said Kolbe’s contribution via the Flores Village Partners has seen vital educational needs for the children in isolated villages attended to, helping them gain primary education.

“The assistance of the Kolbe community has really helped build two classrooms in Nio which have been used for Year 3 and Year 4 students to study.

“Without the assistance from Kolbe, Nio school might not have completed the classrooms for the students.”

Mr Jalawatu highlighted how there is very little in common between Flores schools and the College, with school uniform possibly the only similarity.

“Differences include the maturity of students and the way more learning takes place at Kolbe.

“In Indonesia you learn for rewards whereas Australia you learn for a living.

“Also, teachers love their jobs in Australia where you have more learning resources and hours but not so much in Indonesia, where we have less opportunity for activities after school.”

He said his job is really important to him as it helps students who are less fortunate get better lives through education.

Moses described how his most memorable achievement has been witnessing the schools become the best in the area, with the students being proud of their teachers and their schools.

“My work has seen the community become aware of how important education is.”

Mr Jalawatu said the collaboration with Kolbe through the Flores Village Partners has also seen a great relationship develop between the people of Flores and Australia.