IMG_2268A sea of green greeted the students of Rice House as they gathered for Mass on Thursday 4 May to give thanks for the life of their patron, Blessed Edmund Rice.

Following the Mass, a volunteer from “Wheelchairs for Kids” spoke and explained that every wheelchair given to a disabled child is lovingly filled with a crocheted blanket and teddy bear. This way, the first thing each child sees when their wheelchair box is opened is their very own teddy bear and comfy blanket. She went on to say that the children often find comfort in their teddy bears, as when they are first fitted for their chairs there is a lot of prodding, poking and shifting, often done by specialists, physiotherapists and doctors, who are complete strangers to the children. It was a very heart warming story, which sparked a new fire in many of the staff and students of Rice House.

The celebration continued with a shared lunch and activities, which gave students the opportunity to gather as a house and enjoy each others’ company in a relaxed setting.

Well done to Ms Jaimie Churchill, the Rice House leaders, and staff for their work in creating a special day for all members of Rice House.


Ms Churchill, volunteers from “Wheelchairs for Kids”, Jordan Coughlan and Ashleigh McCready