unnamed-1Over three consecutive days, artist Brenton See has turned the visual arts classroom wall into a masterpiece that captures the coastal vibe of the City of Rockingham.

The idea behind the project was to have a visual cue in the classroom to inspire students working on their own pieces.

Visual Arts Teacher Ms Jaimie Churchill said she wanted to transform the large white wall at the back of the classroom, hoping that bringing the wall to life would boost morale and may trigger student’s own creative desires.

Artist Brenton See designed and painted the wall and said that he has his mum to thank for getting him interested in drawing.IMG_3150

“When I was young I found out I had ADD. The doctor said I could take medication, or find something that occupies my time instead. Mum then introduced me to drawing as a form of expression.”

Mr See said his mum would leave a canvas in his room and shut the door, resulting in him drawing for hours.

His passion for art continued, but upon leaving high school he realised there wasn’t a lot of art careers where you could earn money.

IMG_3233“I did graphic design straight out of school. I realised pretty quickly I didn’t want to work with computers. I then got a tattoo apprenticeship but I still didn’t have complete creative control as I was told what to do by clients,” he said.

Around the same time of the apprenticeship Mr See was creating his own work and got himself a studio.

He no longer has a studio and has spent the past two years creating murals on the streets and on feature walls in people’s houses, along with running workshops.  He is now booked out for the next four months.

He believes the growing popularity of public art is partly due to a grants program by the State Government.

The classroom mural features a whale, a pelican, an octopus and a shell, as Mr See wanted to capture the coastal environment of Rockingham.

Ms Churchill said that the Year 10 Visual Art students studied Brenton for one of their projects and felt privileged to be able to meet him.IMG_3214

The artwork also features the words: “The World Is Your Ocean” which Mr See said he used as he wanted something that was open to interpretation.

“Once you leave school it is an open world and you have to find your own way,” he said.

He wanted to capture this through the mural, as the ocean is a large and undiscovered place, just like the world once you move past high school.

The wall took three days to paint with 75 students given IMG_3187the opportunity to help during class and break times.

Ms Churchill said it was thrilling to see those who don’t study art picking up a paintbrush to help out.

If you would like to see more of Brenton’s work, go to