DSCN3868The culmination of the Semester 1 Year 10 Outdoor Education course was the Hiking Expedition held last week.

It was another successful experience for all involved with positive group cohesion and individual triumphs along the way.

The studets were split into three groups and walked separate routes on the world-renowned Bibbulmum Track and on trails in the scenic Wellington National Park, spending 2 nights under the stars in bushland surrounding Collie.

Throughout these experiences students were able to put into practise the ‘Leave No Trace’ principles and survival skills learned in the course which included; tenting, responsible firelighting, camp craft, cooking and packing for the elements.

It was a perfect opportunity for students to step back from their usual busy lifestyles and comforts, to develop a better appreciation of the great outdoors and work cooperatively with their peers.

Shelby Joule said she enjoyed sharing the expierence with others and the way it offered the chance to form new friendships.

“I loved to see the encouragement and support everyone gave to each other.

“Our camping expedition was such a great experience and I will cherish the memory.”

Annabelle Langley also highlighted the bonds which are formed and the high range of skills which are developed.

“I would recommend for other students to choose Outdoor Education as you learn communication skills and many other important skills that are useful in life.

“Even if you aren’t close with your peers at the start, you form a great bond with people and learn so much about teamwork.”

Rebecca Mann said the hike was one of the most challenging things she has ever experienced.

“At first I was struggling to keep walking and kept thinking to myself, ‘Why did I sign up to this?’, but after we got to camp I was so proud.”
Dylan Heaton highlighted the way the camp was a great challenge but also a lot of fun.
“Outdoor Education is a great experience and you get a lot closer to the people you think you’d never talk to or get to know.
“On the camp there were lots of laughs and, in the end, you really appreciate good food, warm clothes and a pillow.”

Special thanks to the staff for their massive effort and commitment, Mrs Millward, Mr Warburton, Mrs Spencer, Mr Bunn, Miss Llanos, Mr Russell, Mr Ramos, Ms Roberts and Mr Brooks. Well done!