IMG_6521Project 2030 is a cross-curricular and problem-based learning initiative that takes its name from the United Nations Sustainability goals.

There are 17 of these goals that the UN believes can be achieved by the Year 2030, and our Project 2030 idea focused on the second of these goals: Zero Hunger.

IMG_1372Project 2030 involved one set of Year 8s. Throughout most of semester one, the students in this class covered the same content and assessments as all other Year 8s, but with a particular focus on the 16 Habits of Mind which focused on developing skills such as persistence, managing impulsivity and thinking about thinking to name a few.

With this foundation, the students were then given a 4-week period at the end of Term 2 to tackle a cross-curricular project that wove the Science focus of nutrition, digestion and fueling the body with the HASS focus on urbanisation, poverty and population growth.

This 4-week project was based on the following organisers:

BIG IDEA: Zero Hunger

IMG_6535ESSENTIAL QUESTION: “How does hunger impact people?”

CHALLENGE:  Reduce hunger in a community.

With a range of resources, activities and a problem-solving framework provided by their teachers, the students formed groups to learn about this problem and devise a solution to it. Some of the solutions that students devised were: education programs on nutritious food, food exchange programs and community gardens and reflected both local and global contexts.

Their solutions and their thinking processes were then presented to the public at the Project 2030 Exhibition on Wednesday June 28. Parents, siblings and grandparents came along to visit the students’ booths and listen to their concepts.

Five judges also spent time at each booth watching the teams’ presentations and taking them through a rigorous Q&A on the learning underpinning their solution.

Throughout the entire four week timeframe, the students were incredible. Though they struggled at times with not having the solution and ideas simply handed to them, they worked hard to create their solutions, and their booths and presentations at the Exhibition were a testament to their skills, talents and endeavour.