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Future Pathways Day

Michael McCann (Head of Future Pathways)

On Friday, June 9th, the Year 10 students participated in the Future Pathways Day, a significant event for them at Kolbe. Throughout the day, various activities took place across two campuses, namely Kolbe and South Metropolitan TAFE, Rockingham Campus. This event provided an opportunity for the students to explore the different Senior School Pathways available at Kolbe and gather information about their future careers.

“As a part of Future Pathways Day, we went to the South Metro TAFE in Rockingham, and it was a great experience seeing the awesome courses Kolbe and TAFE has to offer!” – Year 10 Student Bodhi

The day commenced with a panel discussion featuring former Kolbe students who shared their post-school journeys. It was reassuring for the Year 10 students to learn that their aspirations in Year 10 might evolve over time, and that it is perfectly normal.

Later in the day, the students were divided into two groups. The first group remained at Kolbe and participated in workshops facilitated by staff from Murdoch University, Notre Dame University, and the University of Western Australia. These workshops provided valuable insights into the universities’ offerings, allowing students to engage in hands-on experiences related to ethics, cells, and ATAR scores.

Meanwhile, the second group visited Rockingham TAFE, symbolising the growing partnership between the two institutions. They embarked on a campus tour and then spent time in the Jobs and Skills Centre, where they learned about TAFE applications, pathways, and the available courses.

“When going to the South Metro TAFE on the Future Pathways Day we had an amazing experience to learn about the various amounts of opportunities like the Naval Shipbuilding Industry when touring the campus.” – Year 10 Student Ysabella

We would like to express my gratitude to our Kolbe Alumni who generously shared their time to speak with the Year 10 cohort. Additionally, a big thank you to Mrs. Sam Shepheard and Mrs. Munro for their support in organising such a memorable and impactful day.

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