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A letter from the PM

Kolbe College

During Kolbe’s very first IGNITE Week, Oliver and his friends embarked on an incredible project – they created a money tree that aimed to ensure financial stability for everyone.

Little did they know, their project would lead to an extraordinary surprise! The group decided to take a chance and write an email to Australia’s 31st Prime Minister, The Hon Anthony Albanese MP, to inform him about their unique initiative. Although they didn’t expect a response, they thought it was worth a try. You can only imagine their sheer surprise when they received a letter from the PM, last week. They were all thrilled that the Prime Minister took the time to respond to the email of a Year 7 student.

And why shouldn’t he? Our children have brilliant ideas, innovative thinking, and a unique perspective on the world. It’s crucial that we lend them our ears and listen to their voices. They have so much to offer, and their ideas can make a real difference. Let’s celebrate Oliver and his friends for their determination, creativity, and for reminding us that the power of young minds should never be underestimated. We can’t wait to see what other amazing ideas our students will come up with in the future!

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