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LifeLink SleepOut

Leon (Year 10 Student)

Participating in the LifeLink SleepOut was an enlightening and humbling experience for me and many others, providing a new perspective on homelessness. Seeing homelessness in the community and sympathising with people who go through it is far from experiencing it, as we learned at the SleepOut.

For dinner, we received a cup of pumpkin soup, replicating what many people living in homelessness experience when receiving meals from soup vans, often lining up with countless other people in similar situations.

Sleeping in a cardboard box on the Avenue for a night isn’t what you’d call easy, having to endure unsheltered cold weather throughout the night. Leaving behind our phones and the comfort of our own beds was challenging, but this was something we only experienced for one night, while many have to live through it for years.

Being able to see life through the lens of the quarter of a million people who are homeless in Australia and raising money for the cause of assisting them is something that I’m so grateful to have been a part of. As a group we raised over $4700 for LifeLink. This money will go a long way in helping many people in our community.

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