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Loyola House Day

Georgia Ridge, Loyola Coordinator

House feast days give our community a chance to reflect on the important place Patron Saints have here at Kolbe Catholic College. Six Houses make up our House system and we were lucky enough to celebrate Loyola House on Wednesday, Week 3.

Two hundred Loyola students met in the Chapel on Wednesday morning to celebrate the life and work of Saint Ignatius Loyola. Loyola was a man known for his missionary, educational, and charitable works. He inspires us to live out the Gospel in our daily lives through exemplifying Jesus’ values of courage, love and service of others. The theme, “Love is shown more in deeds than in words” was displayed in Mass as well as plenty of purple and symbols from each Pastoral Care group. After Mass, students celebrated with volleyball and a highly anticipated sausage sizzle.

St. Ignatius Loyola sought to bring light into the world by igniting the love of God in others. This noble mission continues to inspire Loyola House in 2023 as we stand together in support of one another.

Go Loyola!

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