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Marine Studies @ Kolbe

Year 9 Students

On a crisp winter morning in June, Kolbe’s Year 9 Marine Studies students together with Mr. Bunn, Ms. Wilson, Mrs. Dredge, and Ms. Dolan embarked on a half-day fishing excursion. Located at the picturesque Long Point Boat Ramp in Port Kennedy, the students had the opportunity to put their fishing skills to the test.

The Year 9 Fishing Excursion was a chance for students to connect with nature and explore the art of fishing. Equipped with their own fishing rods, students had the option to fish either from the jetty or along the beautiful sandy beach. Before starting, the groups prepared a bucket of berley mixed with fish oil and had bait ready in ziplock bags. The objective was simple: to learn new fishing techniques, catch different fish species, and create lasting memories with friends.

Before hitting the shores, the students gathered on the oval, where they learned how to cast their fishing lines effectively. Once everyone felt comfortable with the technique, they eagerly prepared their bait, fueling the anticipation of the adventure ahead. Finally, it was time to head out to the beach and the jetty, where the real excitement began.

Throughout the day, the students experienced the joy of reeling in various fish species, including blowfish and more. Each catch brought a sense of accomplishment and excitement. However, fishing isn’t always predictable, and while some students caught several fish, others faced the challenge of not getting any bites. Nevertheless, the experience was valuable for all.

The primary objective of the fishing excursion was to educate the students on the proper techniques for catching fish. Participants learned how to bait their hooks, cast their lines accurately, and skillfully retrieve their lines when a fish took the bait. They also discovered the importance of safely returning the fish to the water, ensuring minimal harm. Overall, the excursion provided practical knowledge and allowed students to appreciate the intricacies of fishing in a hands-on manner.

Several moments during the fishing excursion stood out and made it truly memorable. Jake’ s daring act of jumping into the water and catching a sea mullet with his bare hands impressed everyone. Grace’s lighthearted swing of a fish, accidentally hitting others across the face, added a great element of humour. Madi’s incredible achievement of catching eight fish showcased her fishing prowess. Meanwhile, seagulls kept the participants on their toes, trying to snatch their bait, adding an element of excitement and competition. Lastly, the echoes of Madi’s enthusiastic screams added an unforgettable soundtrack to the entire experience.

For many students, the fishing excursion left a lasting impact. Cristian, who rarely fishes, found the experience interesting and exciting, realising the joys that fishing can offer. Hamish discovered the sometimes frustrating nature of fishing, along with the challenge of removing the scent of shrimp from his hands. Fletcher, an avid fisherman, appreciated the educational aspect of the excursion, while also adding a new skill to his repertoire: tying a blood knot. The excursion, overall, offered a refreshing break from the classroom routine and left everyone with a sense of fulfilment and longing for more adventures like this.

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