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Mental Health Support at Kolbe

Jenefer Wiltschut (Head of Wellbeing)
mental health support at kolbe

The prevalence of mental health concerns has increased among students in recent times. As many as one in seven Australian young people are affected by a mental disorder. At Kolbe we recognise that young people may benefit from learning strategies to deal with anxiety, stress  and depression, as well as many other mental health concerns.

Kolbe’s Wellbeing Team provides extra support for students and run workshops on a variety of topics. Our team is led by our Head of Wellbeing, Mrs Jenefer Wiltschut, who oversees a number of pastoral initiatives to support students in working towards their wellbeing goals. We also have two school psychologists on staff, Mrs Niketa Durack and Mrs Amanda Smith, who can be accessed through your child’s Head of Year to provide one on one support in times of need.

We are also fortunate to have Mrs Kilian Buffier on the Wellbeing  team as our dedicated Care and Intervention Coordinator. Mrs Buffier has completed further study and training in Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing and is experienced in providing additional care for our students through established support programs. This term, Mrs Buffier aims to provide support for students with chronic illness and their siblings. Please contact Mrs Buffier at the College if you feel that your child would benefit from support in this area.

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