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Music at Kolbe

Dave Gryl (Music Coordinator)
Music At Kolbe

It’s been an exciting few weeks for our musos.

Students from the Cert III Music Industry Program and “Recording Club TM” were given the opportunity to visit a recording studio as part of learning about the Recording Industry. They were greeted by a professional sound engineer who gave them a tour of ‘Fatback’ Studio (named as a tip of the hat to the 80’s fatback snare drum sound).

Everyone was amazed by the sophisticated equipment and technology used in the recording process. They learned about the different microphones, mixing consoles, and editing software which create high-quality music recordings using the Logic Pro platform that we also have access to on our School iMacs.

Our musicians then had the opportunity to record their own songs including an Original by Year Eleven Student Maria Spissu. They worked with the sound engineer to get the right sound and were thrilled to hear their songs played back to them.

The experience was both educational and exciting, and the students left the studio feeling inspired and empowered. They were grateful for the opportunity to learn about the music industry and to see first-hand how their favourite songs are made. It was an unforgettable experience, which was enhanced by local Muso and engineer Sam Pettit, as he encouraged students that building their own bedroom studio was an attainable goal that sparked a newfound interest in music production for many of the students.

A few days later Kolbe’s upper school music students put on an amazing outdoor event, on “the Avenue”, called ‘Groovin the Nue’! With blankets scattered on the lawn, it was the perfect atmosphere to enjoy some great music in a relaxed environment.

From the soulful sounds of the brass instruments, happening beats of the contemporary and rock bands, and beautifully performed ballads, there was something for everyone. Our talented students brought their A-game and had the crowd clapping and singing along. 

It’s wonderful to see how many talented musicians we have at our school and the great opportunities they are given.

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