A Vibrant Middle School

At Kolbe Catholic College, we strive to make sure that every student is made to feel that they are an important part of the College community. We aim to provide an excellent transition to Kolbe and a connection to the community right through the entire high school journey. This is evidenced through our dedicated teachers who are committed to the needs of this age group and understand the benefits of fostering a vibrant and caring vertical Pastoral Care Group. The College provides many planned activities during Year 7 to help students to find connections and build relationships at a class, house and PC level. We have a broad variety of extra-curricular opportunities at Kolbe to help every student find their niche.

Maintaining parent involvement in the middle school years.

Parents have a heavy involvement in their child’s primary school environment, and continuing to foster this partnership with parents through the middle years of high school is vital at Kolbe Catholic College. Year 7 Assemblies, Year 9 Challenge Based Learning presentations and Grandparents’ Day for the Year 8 students are just some of the avenues for family involvement. The College maintains high levels of communication with parents through targeted Parent Information Evenings and traditional reports, but we also offer our families the unique ability to access their child’s assessment results and pastoral care information via our online parent portal known as Kommunity. Beyond the academics, the festive and inclusive atmosphere of our many College sporting events provide even more opportunities for parents to be involved with the Kolbe community.

To foster a love of learning

Developmentally, early adolescents undergo unprecedented growth and change. Students are moving through stages of concrete thinking to abstract thinking at varying rates. This provides both opportunities and challenges. We aim to recognise the dignity and self worth of every learner as a practical way of living out our Christian faith. This is evident through how we cater for students with learning difficulties and how we aim to support our students pastorally. Students at Kolbe Catholic College are challenged to use higher order thinking through learning opportunities, assessment tasks and through problem-based learning. The College runs Challenge Based Learning In Year 9 and Big Ideas in Year 7. Both of these programs aim to leverage technology and foster collaboration to solve real world problems. To maintain a culture of ongoing professional learning at Kolbe, teachers are supported so that they can continue to develop and consolidate the skills needed to be supportive and inspiring educators who can draw the best from our middle school students.

The fires we can light within our students during the middle school years have a lasting impact on their success throughout the remainder of their schooling, and for the future. At Kolbe Catholic College, we consider it our privilege to draw out the many gifts and talents of our young learners, so that they have the confidence to strive for success in all that they do.

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