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A visit to the Seminary

Matthew Woodford (Chaplain)

Twenty-six of our young men recently had the amazing opportunity to visit the Redemptorist Mater Seminary in Morely, where future priests live and study. This visit aligned perfectly with our students’ current Religious Education focus on vocations.

Upon arrival, they were warmly welcomed by Father Michael, the Seminary Rector, and other priests and seminarians. Over morning tea, the students connected with the seminarians, who shared their personal stories and the transformative paths they took to become priests.

The group explored various areas of the Seminary, including the Chapel, Sanctuary, and Library, each serving as a unique space for prayer, worship, and learning. The seminarians’ inspiring life journeys, and how God called them to leave their previous lives behind, left a lasting impression on our students.

“I was amazed by the diverse backgrounds and origins of the seminarians, all united in their desire to become priests,” shared Year 8 student Jack.

The day continued with enjoyable and friendly competition as our students and seminarians played a soccer match together. Afterwards, everyone gathered for midday prayer and enjoyed a delicious lunch featuring pizza and gelato, creating a sense of camaraderie before bidding farewell to the seminarians.

The experience left our students with a deep understanding that priests are ordinary individuals who have made extraordinary sacrifices to serve the Church. They realised that anyone can become a priest, and that God can work through all of us to bring us closer to Him.

“One thing I learned and found inspiring was the peacefulness with which the seminarians live out their journey, and how they treat one another like family,” reflected Year 9 student Owen.

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