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The Joy of Giving

Jenefer Wiltschut (Head of Wellbeing)

As the festive season approaches, our thoughts naturally turn to celebrations, family gatherings, and the joy of giving. While gift exchanges and holiday feasts are common ways to celebrate, there’s a profound sense of fulfilment that comes from reaching out to those in need. This Christmas, let’s embrace the spirit of generosity and explore the incredible benefits it brings not only to others but to our own wellbeing.

Charitable giving during the holiday season is a longstanding tradition that embodies the true essence of Christmas. The act of giving can take many forms, from donating toys and clothing to volunteering time at local organisations, or simply helping out a friend or neighbour. Often the gift of time is most valuable, with many people in our community feeling lonely or missing loved ones at this time of year. Small kind gestures or even taking an extra five minutes out of our day to have a conversation can make a whole world of difference.

Here in Rockingham and throughout surrounding areas, there are numerous charities that work tirelessly to make the holidays brighter for those facing challenges. One such organisation is The Crew, which coordinates various initiatives to support families in need. From food drives to gift donations, they provide opportunities for us to extend a helping hand to our neighbours who may be struggling. Their distribution of food hampers and gifts is always in need of extra support at Christmas time, so any donation would be gratefully received. The staff of the Walsh Learning Centre are also collecting gifts for the St Vincent de Paul Christmas Gift Appeal. Students can collect gift tags from the Christmas Tree in the WLC and leave a gift that will be collected at the end of Week 9. By getting involved with local charities, we can make a direct and positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate.

As we celebrate this magical time of year, let’s remember the true meaning of Christmas by spreading kindness, joy, and goodwill. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of others and experience the warmth that comes from giving from the heart.

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