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The Kolbe Way Ceremony

Mike Pickford (Deputy Principal)

Last week, Kolbe’s Year 9 students and their families came together for the opening of ‘The Kolbe Way Program’. As the sun set on this most picturesque evening, our Year 9 students were called to to take their first steps to accepting the responsibilities of beginning adulthood as our parents gave their blessing for their children to venture into becoming more resilient, resourceful and respectful young people.

Set on the foreshore of Rockingham beach next to the Naval Memorial, the scene was set beautifully as we gathered and welcomed to Noongar Country through an acknowledgement by Year 9 student, Eva Bartlett.

With the sun beginning to set upwards of 500 students, families and staff were introduced to the promise that ‘The Kolbe Way’ is a significant signpost on a student’s pathway from childhood to young adulthood. Students were advised that the road to adulthood is not always an easy one – as in our modern world there are many conflicting views with regards to the values which are important to developing a rich and healthy attitude to adulthood. Families were reassured that the path, although challenging at times, is an exciting journey, one that is fulfilling and joyous once complete.

We joined in a prayer service led by students, staff and parents reflecting the shared commitment between the College and our families in the development of Courage, Faith and Excellence of our young people. We were also honoured by Father Giovanni who blessed our community and our students who were being called to accept this challenge placed before them.

The evening concluded with a gathering of our TKW groups with their individual teachers. Here, staff made their commitment to the groups and showed their appreciation to families for instilling trust in them to help guide their children. Students expressed their gratitude to their loved ones in the form of a handwritten letter. The Year 9s identified what they admire and appreciate in their parents/carers, and committed to adapting their behaviours to become a positive contributor to their family and wider community.

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