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Titration Competition

Michelle Prasad (Head of Learning Area)

https://www.curtin.edu.au/Year 12 Chemistry students at Kolbe Catholic College recently participated in the annual Titration Stakes held at Curtin University. The competition showcased their skills in the delicate art of titration, where precision and accuracy are paramount. The event provided an opportunity for the students to apply their knowledge, work in a university laboratory setting, and bond with fellow chemistry enthusiasts.

Gabriella, one of the Year 12 students, described the competition as an incredible experience. Working in the state-of-the-art laboratories at Curtin University, she and her classmates were able to put their chemistry knowledge to the test. The event fostered camaraderie among the participants, who had a fantastic time together.

Year 12 student, Lochlan, expressed his thrill at the opportunity to practice titration skills alongside his friends at Curtin. The practical volumetric analysis performed in the university lab allowed them to meet like-minded individuals who shared their passion for chemistry. The event was filled with laughter, cheer, and memorable moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Zachary, while admitting to breaking a beaker, highlighted the bond that was forged among his friends during the competition. The experience brought them closer, leaving them “chemically bonded” and creating lasting memories. This light-hearted perspective showcases the joy and friendship that can arise from engaging in scientific endeavours.

For Nigella, the competition provided a valuable opportunity to put classroom learning into practice and gain insights into the world of university lab work. The experience was not only educational but also served as a glimpse into the future for these aspiring chemists.

The annual Titration Stakes at Curtin University provided Year 12 Chemistry students with a remarkable platform to showcase their skills and passion for chemistry. The event allowed them to work in professional laboratory settings, engage in practical experiments, and form bonds with fellow students who shared their enthusiasm. Despite the competition aspect, the focus was not solely on winning but rather on the experience gained and the memories created. Through their reflections, it is evident that the students thoroughly enjoyed the event, appreciating the opportunity to apply their knowledge, learn from one another, and create lasting connections.

As the results of the competition are eagerly awaited, it is clear that the Year 12 Chemistry students have gained much more than just a competition experience. They have gained a deeper appreciation for their subject, made lasting memories, and set themselves on a path towards success in their future scientific endeavours.

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