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Welcome Year 7s

Dan Naden (Head of Year 7)

Last week, our new Year 7 students started their Kolbe journey with a beautiful welcome by Year 12 students, who formed a guard of honour as they moved to the Sports Hall.

Mr Alweyn spoke about the importance of building new connections at Kolbe, and we can already see many new friendships being formed and growing in class and during break times. Our upcoming camp in Week 6 will provide many more opportunities to connect, and for students to challenge themselves and step outside their comfort zone. 

Students are also getting a taste of many new subjects and have been enjoying our electives.

Home Economics

“We have started learning to sew. We will be making things like pillow cases and other things we can use around the home. I’m really looking forward to it!”


Performing Arts

“So far we have been learning different skills to help us perform. We’ve played a few games to help us with this and they’ve been a lot of fun.”



“Before I went to woodwork, I thought it might be a little boring but now I think I can use what I learn in woodwork for a job when I’m older”


This week, students received their ipads and after setting these up with class teachers, they are now beginning to explore the many different apps that can be used for their learning.

“I feel a bit strange because I’ve never really used an ipad for school before but I’m really excited to see how the ipad can help me.” – Oliver

Our Year 7 students have made a fantastic start to 2023 and we are excited to work with them throughout the rest of the year. 

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