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Wellbeing Sessions

Jenefer Wiltschut (Head of Wellbeing)

At Kolbe our Kinship Vision is to be able to build a sense of belonging by developing positive identity, creating meaningful connections, and promoting and supporting wellbeing. One of the steps we have taken to help achieve this is to develop a pastoral program that allows our students to gather regularly as a House and focus on a specific theme for their time together. 

Throughout the course of the year, each of our six Houses are able to spend time during extended PC either celebrating their House Day with mass and activities, competing in sport challenges, testing their skills in a House quiz or STEM challenge, or spending time refocusing and supporting their wellbeing. Last week saw Loyola House students participate in dedicated sessions that are based on two important cornerstones of wellbeing – connecting with others and understanding and caring for our mental health.

In a special House activity involving our new Loyola Year 7 students, the Year 12’s dedicated the session to reflecting on their journey through the years. They shared anecdotes with the younger students, fostering anticipation for the upcoming events. Witnessing the two year groups connecting and spending quality time together was truly heartening. Not to be overlooked, our Year 8 and 9 Loyola students were engaged in activities aimed at providing much-needed mental respite. Understanding that rest takes various forms for different individuals, especially in the midst of a busy term, there were a number of activities to choose from, gratefully supported by our wonderful Loyola staff.

We were also privileged to welcome Amy Collins, a Community Education Officer from Headspace, who addressed our Year 10 and 11 students on mental health and stress management during their senior years. Amy imparted valuable strategies for maintaining wellbeing and fostering mutual support among peers. Recognising that openness to learning and discussion is crucial in mental health care, we greatly appreciated Amy’s insights shared during her visit last week.

These sessions are crafted to enable students to explore new relaxation methods, practice mindfulness, and develop coping strategies for the rigors of school life. From the looks of it, they all enjoyed their time together.

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