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The Walsh Learning Centre

Stephanie Griffiths (Head of Learning Excellence & Engagement)

The Walsh Learning Centre is looking a little different this year!

After 30 years of supporting the students at Kolbe, Mrs Lee Woodland and  Mrs Cheryl Bennett retired. In turn, we have two new staff members, Mrs Anette Cronin, Administration Support and Ms Alana Caldwell, Creative Objects Facilitator. Within their role they assist and support our teachers and students and ensure the WLC continues to grow within the College as a positive and engaging learning environment.

It has been a fantastic start to the year, with the opportunity for an incursion with Beverly from Campion Education. The Year 9 Literacy students got a taste of new and upcoming books available to read from our library, as Beverly spoke about the different novels with her usual passion. Throughout Term 1 the WLC provided little pockets of educational entertainment for the students. Events such as the ‘Blind date with a book’ experience for Valentine’s Day, invited students to borrow a book on its blurb rather than the cover. Harmony Day gave students the opportunity to learn about local Australian authors, their culture, and where they were born. Easter was a highlight with daily hunts for the elusive green bunnies which could win the students an easter egg if found. Continual updating of displays and some new plant life have really added to making the WLC feel like a busy and vibrant place as well as lunchtime activities such as jewellery making for Caritas and recently, Mother’s Day badge making also being a big hit with students.

We are also proud to launch the Walsh Award Challenges, where students solve an assortment of problems to help promote engagement and extend learning outside the classroom. Students who solve the challenge receive a point towards their House. We love to see students give the challenges a go and work as a team!

The future of the WLC is looking very exciting and we look forward to supporting our wonderful Kolbe community with many more exciting events, learning opportunities and of course the continued re-invigoration of our novel collection in the WLC.

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