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Year 7 Camp

Dan Naden (Head of Year 7)

The Year 7 students travelled to Serpentine Camping Centre during week 6 for their very first Kolbe Camp. It was a jam-packed three days full of activities and it was a fantastic opportunity for the students to interact with each other outside of the classroom, build new friendships and strengthen their sense of belonging to the Kolbe community.

It was an exciting, busy, and exhausting few days (especially for the teachers) but students returned with smiling faces, positive experiences and hopefully, many new friends. Here’s what a few of our Year 7s had to say about camp:

“I had a great time at camp. I really enjoyed the activities and especially when we had some free time. Camp was very tiring and even though I didn’t get much sleep, it was an amazing experience.” – Braxton

“The food on camp was great, especially the vegetarian options. I hosted the talent show and had a front row view of some amazing performances, especially when Chloe had the whole crowd singing along.” – Morgan

“The dorms were hot but we had plenty of space. We also got to experience nature’s finest creatures on camp. We had a range of creepy crawlies visit our rooms but we survived and we still had an amazing time.” – Alissa, Jen and Holly. 

Students and staff came back from camp abuzz with many stories such as chicken themed talent show acts, Marcus Maung’s mealtime piano background music and kookaburra wake up calls at 4:30am. Everyone agreed – Kolbe Camps are just the best!

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