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Year 7 Museum Excursion

Dan Naden – Head of Year 7

Week 3 brought a great adventure for our Year 7 students as they embarked on a journey to the WA Museum – Boola Bardip in Perth. This exciting excursion was filled with captivating exhibitions, interactive displays, and an educational journey through Western Australia’s rich history and the stories of its Indigenous people.

Taraji, Maria, and Maithy shared their enthusiasm, stating, “It was an amazing experience and a day to remember. It taught us a lot about Australia’s history and was a great way to learn about our country’s past and the first people of the land. We’d love to visit again!”

Charli and Miranda, who thoroughly enjoyed the trip said: ” We enjoyed our trip to Boola Bardip very much. The museum was modern, interactive, and very informative. It had something for everyone, whether you like science, Australian history, or even dinosaurs. There were interactive displays in each exhibit that you just had to stop and have a go at. There was even a room full of old video games! We learned a lot and enjoyed being there and exploring all the different rooms. The displays were fun to interact with, but it was also great to be with my friends and make some new connections too. Plus, being out in the city and in Kings Park was the best way to end the day!”

The WA Museum – Boola Bardip lived up to its reputation as a hub of knowledge, offering an array of exhibits to cater to different interests, from history to science and everything in between. The interactive nature of the displays provided a hands-on experience that made learning engaging and memorable. The exploration of Western Australia’s history and the indigenous culture left a lasting impression on our Year 7 students.

The excursion not only added to their academic knowledge but also gave them the opportunity to bond with their peers, forge new friendships, and create lasting memories. The trip’s conclusion at Kings Park, with its stunning views of the city, was the perfect way to wrap up a day filled with learning and fun.

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