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Year 8 Retreat

Year 8 Students Rachel Barbour and Eloise Skinner

‘Stewards of Creation’ was the theme of our Year 8 students’ first ever Kolbe retreat, which gave them the wonderful opportunity to contemplate their place in the world and remind them that they were created unique, special and with love by God.

The team from Ministry 24:7 and our Religious Education teachers had many fun activities planned to bring the students closer to each other and strengthen their bond and faith. Together they reflected on the life of our College patron, St. Maximilian Kolbe, and how they can follow the Kolbe way by standing up, stepping forward and walking together.

And here is what students Rachel Barbour and Eloise Skinner

had to say about their first retreat:

Last week’s Year 8 retreat was a great experience for every student. There were lots of fun games, entertaining videos and small group activities.

When we went into groups it was a great time to branch out and meet new people as not everyone was with people they were familiar with. My favourite part of the day was watching the videos. Many of them inspired me to be myself and told me that God will always be there for me even in the worst of times. This made me think about how grateful I am to be here and how if it weren’t for God we wouldn’t be living on this amazing planet.

Retreat not only was fun but also gave me the chance to connect to my faith and think about how I can live a life more like Jesus.

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