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ANZAC Day @ Kolbe

Robin Delamont (Defence School Mentor)

Special guests and parents joined Kolbe Catholic College staff and students to pay respect to servicewomen and men who served and also those who continue to serve our nation in a commemorative ANZAC ceremony this morning on The Avenue.

Some of the highlights of the Assembly where eight of our ADF cadets marching the length of The Avenue and forming a catafalque party outside of Student Reception, The Ode being read in Noongar as well as English, Year 12 student Gabriella Beal’s flawless playing of The Last Post and The Rouse on her trumpet and the keynote address given by Rockingham’s Deputy Mayor Hayley Edwards.

Deputy Mayor Hayley Edwards spoke about her role as a Medic in the Royal Australian Air Force during the 2002 Bali Bombings and the subsequent evacuation of injured Australians.  Specifically, she mentioned Australian rugby players who willingly gave up their spots on these special medivac flights to other less injured people and how this demonstrated the true Australian spirit of mateship and putting others before yourself.  This was reminiscent of St. Maximillan Kolbe’s sacrifice when he volunteered to die in place of another in Auschwitz.  

Year 9 student and Army Cadet, Jack Killeen shared with us “Commemorating ANZAC Day is not only for remembering our fallen heroes, but to remind us that peace always comes at a cost, and people are putting their lives on the line every day to keep our country peaceful.”

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