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At Kolbe Catholic College, we are fortunate enough to have strong connections with several surrounding parishes. We strive to provide opportunities for staff and students to access invaluable faith formation experiences and liturgical celebrations.

The local parishes we have strong relationships with are:

Address:2 Townsend Rd, Rockingham, WA 6168
Phone:(08) 9527 1605
Parish Priest:Fr Pierluigi Vajra
Assistant Priest:Fr Pradeep
Mass Times:Monday – Friday: 7.30am Saturday: 7.30am & 6.00pm Sunday: 7.30am, 9.30am & 6.00pm
Address:114 Parmelia Ave, Parmelia, WA 6167
Phone:(08) 9419 2920
Parish Priest:Fr Thi Lam
Mass Times:Tuesday – Friday: 9.00am Saturday: 9.00am & 6.00pm Sunday: 8.00am & 10.00am
Address:Cnr Grand Ocean Blvd and Strasbourg Ramble, Port Kennedy, WA 6172
Phone:(08) 9593 4670
Parish Priest:Fr Giovanni Raffaele
Mass Times:Saturday: 6.00pm Sunday: 7.30am & 9.00am

Parents and friends association

Kolbe Catholic College seeks to build authentic partnerships with our families and community members. Our Parents & Friends Association prioritises relationship-building and allows community members to develop a sense of belonging.

Our group meetings provide an avenue for open communication between our community and the College. The prime function of the P&F Association is to provide opportunities to engage our College community. These opportunities may take the form of social events, guest speakers or other special occasions. The group also provides advice and support for the allocation of P&F funds.

Our group usually meets twice a term on a Tuesday evening. All community members are welcome to attend these meetings. For further information, please feel free to contact our President via email at pf-kolbe@cewa.edu.au.

Parents and friends association



The Catholic School Advisory Council is a group of elected and co-opted community members who play a vital role in supporting the Kolbe Catholic College Executive Team.

Members work with the Principal to enact Quality Catholic Education, the systemic framework of Catholic Education Western Australia, across the Kolbe Catholic College community, and to strategically plan for the present and future operation of the College. The Council provides support in the management of finances, annual budgeting and capital development planning.

As in all Catholic schools, our Catholic School Advisory Council operates in accordance with the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia and the Catholic School Advisory Council Terms of Reference.

The current members of the Kolbe Catholic College School Advisory Council are:

  • Neil Alweyn (Principal)
  • Brad Woodhead (Business Manager)
  • Kylie Henning (Chairperson)
  • Lee-Anne Seuren (P&F Representative)
  • Fr Pierluigi Vajra 
  • Katherine Bunce 
  • Sam Veenhuizen
  • Nathan Lane
  • Wayne Devine


At Kolbe, we are fortunate to have a strong community bond, and we strive to keep those connections alive long after our students have left the College. Many of our alumni, their families and former staff members send their own children here and return for special occasions and reunions throughout the year. If you are keen to be an active member of our community, would like to receive an invite to College events or reunions, have exciting news to share with us, or simply wish to stay in touch, please read more.



We want to keep our Kolbe community up to date with everything that’s happening at our College and beyond. Our blog is not only a great way to keep in the loop but also to recognise the outstanding achievements of our students, staff and the greater Kolbe community.


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