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Sport at Kolbe

“At Kolbe, we have devised a unique game plan for success. When our players put on the Kolbe colours, they know what it represents — it gives them a genuine sense of belonging to our College. When other schools and the wider community see us, they know we bring our ‘A game’.”

At Kolbe Catholic College, we are committed to the development of the whole person. Our philosophy is that education is a matter of health — it is nourishment for the body, mind and soul.

The benefits of movement, whether it takes the form of play, games or sports, is well known and documented. Research also shows that children’s participation in physical activity leads to better engagement in the classroom, improved academic achievement, and better health outcomes in adult life.

Our Health and Physical Education Department encourages the growth of skills and provides experiences that foster healthy values, attitudes and lifestyles, now and well into the future. Learning is conducted through physical and theoretical activities, both during structured lessons and in settings outside the classroom, through co-curricular and extracurricular sports, excursions and other personal and team-building opportunities.

Students develop an understanding of contemporary health issues and the skills needed for a healthy and active lifestyle. It incorporates a strengths-based approach, focusing on the concept of healthy living and encouraging students to make informed and responsible decisions about health issues and to promote their own and others’ health and wellbeing.

Health and Physical Education

Our courses allow students to pursue pathways and personal growth experiences in Health and Physical Education.

Examples of activities that are offered are:

  • sport education with peer coaching opportunities and competitions;
  • Marine Studies fishing and surfing excursions;
  • health summits and guest speakers;
  • Outdoor Education camp;
  • lawn bowling, golf, beach volleyball, mountain biking and Judo lessons;
  • Royal Perth Hospital P.A.R.T.Y. Program;
  • High Flyers Biomechanics Trampolining;
  • triathlon event;
  • industry visits.

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Interhouse Carnivals

Kolbe’s Interhouse Sports Carnivals are highlights in our calendar. They are more than just sporting events! They allow for friendly rivalry between the six College Houses, on the track and in the pool, and are also an opportunity for students to demonstrate House spirit through the enthusiastic ways they participate in the day. Dance-offs, mascot races and novelty events run alongside the sporting events, giving every student a chance to participate regardless of their skills. 

Carnivals that students look forward to throughout the year are:

  • Kolbe Catholic College (KCC) Cross Country Carnival
  • KCC Athletics Carnival
  • KCC Swimming Carnival

Sporting Events

Kolbe Catholic College is a member of the Associated & Catholic Colleges of WA (ACC), an independent secondary school sports association. The ACC has a membership of 89 schools, catering to more than 50,000 students. 

Kolbe competes alongside other ACC schools throughout the year in a range of activities, including:

  • carnivals in athletics, cross country and swimming;
  • fun participation-based lightning carnivals;
  • representative and all-star teams and tours;
  • inclusive sport program for students with disabilities;
  • weekly summer and winter interschool subassociation sport.

As part of the Rockingham Kwinana Associated Schools (RKAS) Sub-Association, Kolbe offers weekly interschool sport, encouraging participation, sportsmanship and healthy competition. We also nominate competitive teams into sport-specific carnivals and School Sport WA (SSWA) competitions. Gifted students are encouraged to pursue their sporting talent by nominating into representative teams through SSWA.

Examples of sports offered throughout the year are:

  • Kolbe Kilometres (Runners Club)
  • Kolbe Volleyball Club 
  • Australian Football League (AFL) Junior Boys
  • Rockingham Kwinana Associated Schools (RKAS) Basketball
  • RKAS Cricket
  • RKAS Netball
  • RKAS Soccer
  • RKAS Touch Rugby
  • RKAS Volleyball
  • ACC AFL Carnival
  • ACC Athletics Carnival
  • ACC Cross Country
  • ACC Inclusive Sports Day
  • ACC Inclusive Fun Run and Sports Day
  • ACC Swimming Carnival
  • ACC Year 7 Lightning Carnival 
  • ACC Year 7 Super Series (Netball, Basketball, Soccer and Hockey)
  • SSWA Netball Carnival
  • SSWA Touch Rugby Carnival
  • Western Force Cup Rugby
  • Ultimate Frisbee Carnival

Future Pathways

At Kolbe, students can turn their love for playing sport and keeping fit into an exciting career pathway. For senior students with a passion for sport, the HPE Specialist Program and the Certificate II in Sport and Recreation both offer opportunities to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the sport and recreation industry.

Students who undertake the HPE Specialist Program gain the following benefits:

  • the development of coaching skills while working alongside a team of professionals;
  • connecting with a mentor who works or plays in a chosen sport to further develop skills;
  • further education and training opportunities;
  • access to community and school sporting settings;
  • learning about strength and conditioning, exercise physiology, and high performance coaching;
  • sports marketing experience.

Find out more about Kolbe’s HPE Specialist Program.

The Certificate II in Sport and Recreation allows students to experience a range of different sports. The course is:

  • a two-year certificate course; 
  • aimed at students who wish to further develop existing HPE skills and knowledge;
  • suitable for gaining the necessary skills and knowledge to seek employment in the sport and recreation industry, or pursue further training; 
  • delivered in partnership with the registered training organisation, iVET.
  • a highly practical course that includes: Bronze Medallion and First Aid training, surfing, triathlon training, Judo, bowling, mountain biking, event planning, various industry visits and guest speakers, and much more.

Find out more about the Certificate II in Sport and Recreation.

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