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Kolbe’s Pathways

Michael McCann – Head of Future Pathways & Vocational Education Training

At Kolbe, we offer a variety of opportunity pathways designed to set our students up for success in a future that is both exciting and constantly changing. We know there is no one size fits all when it comes to education, which is why our pathways create opportunities that are individually tailored to each student’s strengths, abilities and preferences.

To help our students make more informed choices about their future, the Kolbe Pathways Team have sent a number of Year 9 students on Career Taster experiences across Metropolitan Perth at the various TAFE campuses and at the same time have had a number of Year 11 students on Workplace learning.

Career Tasters allow students to get a taste of various industries. Some of the varied Tasters our students have participated in this term are: Music, Childcare Automotive, Defence Force and Locksmithing.

“I never realised the career opportunities in Locksmithing. The career taster was really hands-on, we were able to pick locks , understand the inner workings of safes. Without the Career Taster I never would have known that locksmithing could be a possibility for me.” Bailey Butler Year 9 student who participated in the Locksmith Career Taster.

Workplace Learning that our Year 11 and 12’s participate in twice a year, is more of an in-depth experience of a chosen career. From corporate offices to engineering workshops to construction sites, our students have been afforded some valuable on the job learnings over the past two weeks. The students while on WPL not only learn the practical skills associated with the particular job but also the soft-skills that help the students navigate the world of work. Excitingly, a number of students have been offered part-time work as a result of their recent placement. A handful even got offered apprenticeships!

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