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Rising Leaders off to a stellar start

Jenefer Wiltschut (Head of Wellbeing)

This week, Kolbe’s Rising Leaders Program made an impressive start for 2024! Designed to cultivate the next generation of leaders, this innovative program provides aspirant Year 8 and 9 students opportunities to develop leadership skills while being mentored by our experienced Year 11s .

The inaugural session of the program was a resounding success, marked by an inspiring presentation from Sophia Davis, a representative from the non-profit organisation, Zero2Hero. Sophia was able to draw on her experience of working with young people in Western Australia  to discuss the essence of leadership and explore the core values that distinguish truly inspirational leaders. She emphasised traits such as integrity, accountability, empathy, and the ability to positively influence others. Her insights provided a solid foundation for the program and was enjoyed by all, including Year 11 mentor Sabatini who reflected “..this experience allowed me to see from the younger students point of view, and understand what a good leader looks like for them; in turn helping me understand things I can do to improve on my own leadership journey.”

Students participating in the Rising Leaders Program will undergo a series of workshops and seminars throughout Terms Two and Three that are designed to challenge their understanding of leadership and to develop their skills in a range of areas including public speaking, decision-making, and working in teams. The program aims to instil leadership qualities and foster a sense of responsibility and community service among the participants. Mentors from Year 11 also have the unique opportunity to guide their younger peers while refining their own abilities as they look towards future leadership positions in the College. Feedback from the first session has been overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to seeing what the remainder of the program brings for our rising leaders!

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