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Surviving the Outdoors

Rick Bunn (Health & Physical Education)

As the culminating activity to the Year 10 Outdoor Education program, a hiking expedition has been organised on a section of the Bibbulmun Track and the Wellington National Park Spur Trail, near Collie.

“Outdoor Ed was a very good subject to experience. The hike especially pulls you out of your comfort zone, and you gain experience for the outdoors. When hiking with your classmates for around 30 km, you are likely to bond with other people who you might’ve not talked to before, which is a great thing.”

Maisy Stuart

Throughout the semester students have gained knowledge and practical skills of bushwalking and campcraft in preparation of this student centred expedition. They were prepared to take on the challenges that the expedition presented in order to achieve the outcomes of the program.

“Outdoor Ed camp was a different experience for me. I’ve been camping before but not like this. I never had to carry my own food, water and hike through a massive track over two days. I would recommend this class to everyone as it is a great experience.”

Lucas Lindo

Students showed their resilience and enthusiasm for the outdoors over the 3-day Camp last week. As a culmination of their learning of the skills and knowledge, students were challenged to hike, carry all their equipment, set up camp, cook for themselves and be at one with nature. The group experience was a highlight of the semester – a great opportunity to enjoy some laughs and spend some time together. 

“Outdoor Ed camp was really fun. It was hard work walking the track but it was worth it to hangout with my classmates at camp and learn how to set up my tent and sleep under the stars and Mr Bunn was elite.”

Josh Brabazon

Each student functioned as an effective team member by interacting appropriately within the group and utilising their self-management skills, including time management, personal hygiene, hydration and nutritional requirements, coping with inclement weather and group cooperation.

The outcomes for the camp were met and it was a mammoth success. Well done to all involved.

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