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TKW Calling and Departure Ceremony

Mike Pickford (Deputy Principal)

Kolbe’s Year 9 students and their families united last week to mark the commencement of the ‘TKW Program’. Against the backdrop of a beautiful evening sky, our Year 9 students embarked on their journey toward adulthood, supported by the blessings and encouragement of their parents, as they strive to embody resilience, resourcefulness, and respect.

Located on the tranquil shores of Naval Memorial Reserve in Rockingham the setting was both serene and striking. 

The evening saw over 500 students, families, and staff being introduced to the significance of ‘The Kolbe Way’ as a guiding beacon on the path from childhood to young adulthood. It was emphasised that this journey is not without its challenges, given the myriad of conflicting values prevalent in today’s world. However, families were assured that despite the trials, this journey is ultimately one of adventure, contentment, and satisfaction upon completion.

A prayer service, facilitated by students, staff, and parents, underscored the shared commitment of the College and families to nurture courage, faith, and excellence in our young people. Father Victor graced us with his presence, offering blessings upon our community and the students as they embraced this pivotal challenge.

The evening drew to a close with the formation of TKW groups, each led by dedicated teachers. Here, staff reaffirmed their commitment to the groups, expressing gratitude to families for entrusting them with the guidance of their children. Students, in turn, conveyed their appreciation through handwritten letters, recognising the admirable qualities of their parents/carers and pledging to become positive contributors to their families and the broader community.

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