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The Kolbe Way

Mike Pickford (Deputy Principal)

In 2024, Kolbe continues its dedication to delivering a tailored rite of passage experience for its Year 9 students through the ‘TKW’ Programme. This initiative aims to guide students with mentorship, foster meaningful conversations, and cultivate traits of respect, resilience, and resourcefulness.

On Thursday, February 8, our Year 9 students enthusiastically participated in TKW Day. This day served as an introduction to the concept of a rite of passage, allowing students to explore their childhood experiences and contemplate the adults they aspire to become. Through a variety of engaging team-building activities, students also formed connections with their peers.

A standout moment of the day was the ceremonial presentation of 14 TKW talking sticks by Mrs. Lisa Dann. These sticks symbolise unity and community cohesion for each class, serving as a reminder of collective strength.

Mrs. Dann commended the values instilled by the TKW programme and expressed her deep appreciation for the Kolbe Community. She encouraged students to leverage their talents and seize the opportunities provided by Kolbe to fulfil their potential.

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