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Vice Principal’s Message

Peter Jones (Vice Principal)

Entering into the Kolbe community this year has been a blend of excitement and curiosity. Learning about the story of St Maximillian Kolbe, which guides the community, and the College’s origins amongst the local parish members has been inspiring and humbling. Becoming immersed in Kolbe has been a wonderful experience, making connections with staff, students, families, and the wider parishes, fostering my own sense of belonging.

What I have found impressive since joining the Kolbe community is the friendly and approachable nature of staff, students, and families. The avenues to develop relationships and connections are equally impressive. There are opportunities from social justice initiatives to musical endeavors, adventurous excursions like surfing trips, and interactions with local community groups during Strive excursions. The learning center hums daily with energy, offering clubs and activities catering to a range of interests, from literature to gaming.

In joining the community along with all our new staff and students, I’ve been reminded of the importance of communication and conversation in creating a sense of belonging. Recently, listening to a podcast on how to become a super communicator, there are some tips and strategies for asking deeper level questions that can help bridge the gaps between us. It’s worth a listen and gives some practical examples of questions that can help us communicate with our children, those in our wider family, and workplaces.

As the Lenten season unfolds, I’m reminded of the value of time and the importance of authentic communication. Kindness, expressed through thoughtful questions and genuine interest, becomes the cornerstone of our interactions. Some of the active listening tips in the super communicator podcast helped me to be present and thoughtful with those who stop to take part in a conversation – whether that be families watching the swimming carnival or Year 9 students when walking on the Strive excursion.

Thank you to the Kolbe community for being so warm, welcoming, and helping new staff, students, and myself feel like we belong.

God Bless

Peter Jones
Vice Principal

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