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KCC Athletics Carnival

David Walker (Head of Physical Education Studies)

Week 2 was abuzz with the usual Carnival atmosphere. On Wednesday the Year 12’s set not only personal bests but College records, then on Thursday afternoon our 1500m and 400m runners lit up the track. Friday was the main event and Kolbe didn’t disappoint (even with the temperamental weather conditions towards).

Throwers, jumpers and sprinters showed their grit, skill and stamina. The dancers, cheerers and helpers showed their true colours and moral support all the way through the sunshine, rain, and wind. It was a great spectacle all round.

“My highlight was Mr Alweyn leading the Australian National Anthem when the wifi wasn’t working to begin the Carnival… Then seeing the Japanese exchange students run the relay, they were quick!… Then probably the fun and games in the novelties, everyone just had a go and a laugh as well. Well done Kolbe!” – Sally (Sports Captain)

Results can be accessed online at Results HQ (information is on our KCC Interhouse Carnivals Site).

Well done to MacKillop House, adjudged Spirit Shield Winners on the day.

After some further scrutiny in the following week and completion of a couple of events (namely Year 7 High Jump, which proved too risky at the end of the day due to the weather), we now have the complete results.

Chisholm House have again been crowned Athletics Champions, with 1443 points! Well done Chisholm!

Congratulations also to age-group Champions and Runners Up;

  • Y12 CHAMPIONS – Ashton & Cierra
  • Y12 R/UP CHAMPIONS – Zavier & Angelina
  • Y11 CHAMPIONS – Euan & Molly
  • Y11 R/UP CHAMPIONS – Jack & Jade
  • Y10 CHAMPIONS – Xavier & Evie
  • Y10 R/UP CHAMPIONS – Nicholas & Madison
  • Y9 CHAMPIONS – Zayde & Sophie
  • Y9 R/UP CHAMPIONS – Tysen, Filipa & Addison
  • Y8 CHAMPIONS – Saxon, Sienna & Lucia
  • Y8 R/UP CHAMPIONS – Koby & Ilana
  • Y7 CHAMPIONS – Noah & Martha
  • Y7 R/UP CHAMPIONS – Samuel & Brielle

Plus the many record breakers for their fantastic achievements on the day!

All the best to the Kolbe Athletics team, whose members are selected from the carnival results. Stay tuned for more information about training and the team breakfast coming up. We will be competing at the Associated & Catholic Colleges C Division Athletics Carnival on Monday 11 September (Week 9). Commit, train hard, be proud and show them what we can do!

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