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ADF Welcome Barbecue

Robin Delamont (Defence Transition Mentor)

Held on Wednesday, 21st February, our annual ADF Welcome Barbecue was a gathering that celebrated the unique bonds within our school’s defence families. This event is a cornerstone of our ADF families, offering a warm welcome for families who have recently moved from interstate, providing them with an opportunity to connect with others who understand their journey.

Ethan, a Year 7 student, expressed his enjoyment of the event, highlighting the great food and games.

Year 10 student Ronniel, emphasised the importance of the barbecue in fostering friendships among ADF families. He understands that these connections can provide vital support during the challenges of military life.

Grace, a Year 8 student, echoed this sentiment, appreciating the chance to reunite with friends and witness the budding friendships among families.

Central to the event was our Defence School Mentor (DSM) program, which plays a pivotal role in supporting the educational and emotional needs of our Defence students. The program, in collaboration with our Wellbeing Team and teaching staff, ensures that these students receive the tailored support they need, especially during times of transition or parental absence due to deployment.

The ADF Welcome Barbecue not only serves as a joyous occasion but also embodies our commitment to building a supportive and understanding community for all our students and families. It is a testament to the inclusive spirit that defines our school, where every individual is valued and supported.

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