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Bushrangers Adventures

Donna Williams (Bushrangers Coordinator)

Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of the Kolbe Bush Rangers, affectionately known as the ‘Bushies’! Since 2006, our iconic program has been bringing students together to explore, conserve, and celebrate the environment, all while having an absolute blast.

Open to students across all year levels, the Bushies meet once a week, diving into incredible opportunities that range from exciting excursions to unforgettable camps. It’s a space where great friendships are forged, and a strong sense of community thrives.

Our Bush Rangers are true environmental champions. This term, they have been busy making a difference. From solving riddles in a thrilling scavenger hunt around the school to getting their hands dirty with the Friends of Point Peron, and just last week, they planted 100 saplings, despite the dry weather making it quite the workout.

Our Bushies are not just about outdoor adventures; they are committed to making our
school greener too. Partnering with the Little Green Steps group, students conducted a
waste-wise audit to help reduce our school’s waste. They also had Abbie Wilcox from the Financial Wellbeing Collective join them for a session on home energy audits. Now, they are all geared up to save energy, money, and our planet!

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