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Exploring the Arts

Year 10 students Reese & Caitlyn

The Year 10 art excursion was fun, inspiring, and educational. Our day began with a walk through the streets of Perth, where we admired the vibrant and creative murals that adorn the city’s walls. Painted by both local and international artists, these murals showcased a wide array of styles and techniques. Guided by a knowledgeable tour guide, we delved into the stories and processes behind these artworks. This experience broadened our perspectives as young artists, offering fresh ideas and insights for our own creative endeavours.

In the afternoon, we visited the Art Gallery of Western Australia to see the Pulse Perspectives exhibition. This annual showcase features innovative works by Year 12 art students from various schools around Perth. The gallery displayed a diverse range of media, styles, and ideas, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, and art installations. This visit was incredibly educational, providing us with a clear understanding of what Year 12 art involves and the high level of creativity and dedication required.

We also visited the Old Gaol Gallery at the WA Museum, which is currently exhibiting, The Youth Lester Prize. An exhibition of exceptional portraits by Year 7-12 students from across Australia. One standout piece was by a past Kolbe student, Sienna Stone. Her work, along
with many others, was particularly inspiring, demonstrating the potential of young artists and the variety of artistic expression. Seeing the high calibre of work produced by our slightly older peers was both motivating and enlightening, giving us a glimpse into our own potential future in the arts.

Overall, the excursion was enriching and motivating. It deepened our understanding of art and its impact, leaving us with a renewed sense of creativity and enthusiasm for our own artistic journeys. The inspiring works we encountered have encouraged us to continue exploring and developing our artistic talents.

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